Our Team

Jamie Engel

Founder, Co-Owner and Program Director

Jamie Engel is the Founder, Co-Owner, and Program Director for Circle City Sober Living. For the past 15 years he has worked extensively with families and businesses around the world creating out-of-the-box treatment solutions & case management in the field of addiction & mental health consulting. Jamie is an adoptee living in long term recovery who believes that selfcare and health is a lifelong journey. He has worked to develop and implement solutions for families and businesses in order to tailor treatment plans specifically to each client. Jamie also specialized in managing individuals through the re-entry process, often facilitating a post treatment return-to-home process or on-the-road support with individuals who travel professionally.

Jamie helped raise awareness and break down the stigma around addiction and mental health awareness in the Twin Cities Jewish community as a founding member of the “Not OUR Kids” conference committee. Jamie believes the essence of growth and healing stems from connection, and we cannot foster connection without recognizing prejudice against our marginalized communities and nurturing true empathy. He has been pressing for deeper understanding and education about adoption and the overwhelming presence it has in the field for the past 8 years, and it has become a driving force in his work. Jamie is a graduate of Indiana University-Purdue University of Indianapolis, with a major in English Literature & Creative Writing, minor in Applied Music, and a focus on adolescent & young adult counseling and consulting.

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